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With mankind exceeding into the twenty-one century, the living quality and environment quality are increasingly getting more extensive thought and concern. Protecting the ecosystem, environmental protection, and leaving a bluish green aquamarine blue day of the Earth to descendant are becoming a sacred mission for the contemporary person; Concerning the health, concerning the life, and letting the every trade sharing the plenteous fruit of progress of material technique, are encouraging the worker of the environmental protection, the new material realm and the industry organization to struggle for it and to create for it.

Beijing Liquid Filter New Material Technique Co., Ltd. is exactly a member of these glorious rows.

Beijing Liquid Filter New Material Technique Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing Experimental Zone for the Development of High and New Technological Industries. Beijing Liquid Filter Co., Ltd. is exclusively concentrate on the foundation theories research of state-of-the-art production techniques for complete melt-blown lines, equipment development and the series product production. As well as satisfying the local market need, their main products have been sold as far as America, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on.

The current product preface of the company of Liquid Filter list as:

Melt-blown equipment for various applications
Melt-blown superfine fiber liquid filter center (the industry use, the life use)
Air filtration material (efficiency, halt the pole)
Oil absorbantsport and other water surface apply)
Filter bag (the gas medium to use, the liquid medium to use)
The domestic oil-remove clean material (the kitchen use, the toilet use)
The Liquid Filter company also can order to make the appropriation product for customer according to the demand

The Chinese manufacturing industries that joined WTO pursue innovation, cherish cooperation, and emphasize the service. As a member of Chinese high-tech manufacturing industries, the Liquid Filter company will just as in the past, in the spirit of the principle "innovation, cooperation, service", regarding the customer's success as our own success, the customer's require content as our own biggest content. With again and again success and satisfy, we honestly hope to do humble effort for the continuously develop of China and world environment industry.


Beijing Liquid Filter New Material Technique Co., Ltd.
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